anything but love

i can’t give you smoked salmon and french cigars,
or feathered pillows
and chocolate-coated marshmallows.
we won’t drift on marble floors
in candle-scented light
or anticipate the lace
that only comes out at night.
i won’t wear red soles or a single satin glove,
i can’t give you anything.
but i can give you love.

elixir eyes-Lois E. Linkens

my most recent piece on sudden denouement:

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

she was snowdrops in the midst of summer;

unexpected, meant for another.

i liked to wrap myself inside her.

comely couples, dulcet tones:

who’s talking now? god knows.

she was my panacea

panted, see her – in my pandemonium,

she was quoniam.

she was the talisman

to the haggard man who breathed her in.

she was ebullience, magnificence –

she loved me, once.

she loved with her elixir eyes,

my evanescent prize.

she was lavender and boiling water,

milk and coffee sunsets

over a steamy city,

where the highway blinks in red and yellow,

high-road fireflies

buzzed in her elixir eyes.

ineffable, she bubbled like champagne in the foyer,

in white-gloved hands,

on silver trays.

she was patent leather over marble floors,

red cheeks and chapped lips,

water and wine.

she was fine,

a pearl for a pauper,

a mother for an orphan daughter.

her mind walked a craggy road,

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