come to the river,
let its rhythm
rock you.
let it leak
and drown you kindly

liquid will fill its vessel;
become shallow,
become trench deep,

in the river,
gills and goggles –

glow –
that’s your hair
that floats
like plants amid the blue.

those are your toes,
your arm hair
that waves like grassy dunes
in the afternoon,
white as wax.

and deepen.
silver shimmers
scurry above –
shun them,



there sits the cornerstone.
in the summer,
its almost entirely swamped by weeds.
the autumn winds
see them off,
and golden leaves tumble over dry rock
like acrobats
in a dried-out circus.
the winter frost crackles over,
and melts in the icy midday sun –
but nobody campaigns.
springtime summons
her clearest skies,
breathing new warmth
into the frozen stone.
i wait for the first daisy,
and smile
when it sprouts.
i know the first daisy will come,
it always does.
but with you –
with you, i do not know.
yet still, i wait.

The Weyward Sisters: Hand in Hand – A Collaboration from the Women of Sudden Denouement

weyward warriors

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

Stand, a nighean.
Call the moon.
Bring your Wolves
With you.
Let down the flames of your hair.
The Great War
Has come again.
 – Rana Kelly

In the end there will be fire and ash
But to us it will be like the Fourth of July
What could be more powerful than women
Standing together in solidarity
We’re taking a page out of Lilith’s book
The one you never read
We will not lie on the bottom
We will stand side by side.
Hannah Wagner

Thrills the Viking Whisper ice –
splinters of the north wind
Of the high noon blood of sister-raiders slain
The shield-maidens dine
Tonight, too.
Samantha Lucero

It is well within the fires
of burning words
and stolen wombs, ravaged,
we have birthed a beast.
Swaddled in the souls
of her mothers of fire
and maidens of ice,
she has been…

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