I love to hold your eyes in mine, like hands

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I love to hold your eyes in mine, like hands.

To count each blink and keep mine very few.

I see myself, a pale pepper-pot girl

Who made a home within the sight of you.


I love to hold your hands in mine, like jewels,

Skin as cotton, brown like rum. Warm as June,

I would I’d wear you through the yellow months,

Take you off on white wintry afternoon


To have you by me. Darling, think we thus;

We are milk and coffee, cream and rum. Oh,

What a mix of luxuries, what great wealth

Does mingle when this trembl’ing close we come!


I love to touch your face to mine, like birds.

A gravel nest atop a city church

Does seem a sweeter home than that in which

Our hands and skin are pulled beyond one hair.

‘Tis mine own selfish Soul that thinks it fair

In asking – for your Heart, I would so dare.

Extended Week — Special Call for Submissions: Exploitation of Women

submissions for work based around the exploitation of women are welcome on Whisper and the Roar…

Whisper and the Roar

The Whisper and the Roar Collective is extending submissions for one final week covering all areas of the global exploitation of women, from May 27th to June 2nd. We are accepting poetry, prose, fiction, personal narratives, and essays on these topics from around the globe. We are looking for writing that makes us feel, makes us think, that moves us. 

The categories we are seeking include:

Domestic Violence
Sexual Exploitation
Female Infanticide
Acid Attacks
Child Marriage

To Submit:

  • Send up to 3 pieces of original writing in either PDF or Word document attached to an email that includes your real name as well as the name you publish your writing under.  Although we prefer previously unpublished work, we will consider published work as long as it has ONLY been published on a blog. You must own the rights to any work you submit to Whisper and the Roar
  • Include a brief biography that includes a…

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I Had An Image-Lois Linkens

my latest piece on Sudden Denouement.

Sudden Denouement Collective

unnamed.jpgAnd then it was a misted eye, a thought.

A passing glimpse, a shadowed hall upon

A shadowed hill. I would my peace were brought

In Years, but I am just as restless further on.

I have purple skin for those Knocks that came

As birds do knock. Yellow beaks and plumage bright –

Woe betide my jealous heart, for shame!

I would to get away for just one night.

I look towards the Clouds and sink inside –

There is a firmer future at their feet

Than this curled life that joys to send me weak.

Where is this hallowed Hope of which they speak?

I would its lips would kiss me as its Bride –

Its hands would lift me to that image sweet.

[ Lois describes herself as a “confused english student,” though one quickly finds a polished, charming poet in her work. She has an elegant…

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