Petitions (A Collaborative Piece)…

‘petitions’ – a collaborative piece which i am very pleased to be included in.

My Sword and Shield....

I am so pleased to present this work of art and I am lucky to have been a part of this collaborative effort.  To be in the presence of such wonderful poets is a true honor.

I encourage you to follow the links attached to their names and visit their own pages. Wonderful wonders to be found there…


By night’s dark embrace
I light these candles of petition
and speak unto my heart
on my knees in the moonlight

Hear me
oh crimson guardian in my breast
engine of my life
ever the drum beat that underlies
the story of my days
I beseech thee,
do not fall for such a cause as this
you know I have no choice in these matters
but to plunge headlong
hand in hand
together to our end

and I grow so weary of falling


By night’s dark embrace
I light these…

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thank you


this is for you – for anyone who has liked one of my posts, left a comment or simply read something here – thank you! i write for myself but to know there are others who are reading is such a joy. there are roughly 200 more of you than there were at the beginning of 2017, which may be nothing to some but oh so exciting for me. i started this blog from the ground up, and i am so grateful that you have all become a part of it. ugh stop myself CHEESE ALERT

my warmest wishes for 2018. thank you thank you thank you

two hearts 2.0

two hearts
beneath one roof,
some crimson, fleshy parts that beat and live and breathe
across zesty horizons,
each at home
in a pot of gold
at the end of a greying rainbow.
a mountain rises between two cities,
great oceanic foundations
harbour rocky, snow-covered dreams,
a log cabin and a fireplace
settled on it’s wintery peak.
pressed hands and photograph smiles
sing a song
to fool the doctors of love –
them, or you and i.

december 22

golden slumbers shimmer over youthful minds on soft pillows. parcels waiting, the light of morning is anticipated with short breaths and restless bodies, a far-off red ribbon at the end of a grassy track. and still, not a thought is given to those for whom the night is simply darkening day, those whose hearts leap at some discarded cardboard with fewer holes than the last. they will not open gifts, they will not eat until their stomachs swell. they will not sing.

i checked myself

my most recent post on sudden denouement:
‘i checked myself’

Sudden Denouement Collective

i checked

i have checked myself and seen that i am nothing; 
the bones of poets gone and done 
lay beneath the hills. 
i put on my boots and took my shovel, 
for to disturb them 
would be a lesser crime than to ignore.

i checked myself 
and saw that i was nothing; 
i looked for art 
and saw it slither into bank accounts in dead of night, 
while the dewy brows of poverty’s poets 
tremble in their plight. 

i checked myself
and let myself stand up.
stand up, i said –
stand up, writers! 
stand up for complexity, confusion and colour. 
take your pennies and forget the pied pipers, 
they have led naught but rats.

i saw the riches over realness, 
splendour over solidarity… 
i cried upon my pillow. 
my people, my people!
when the muses so return, tell them why you wrote!

we not one of us free falls –

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