Sheep – Lois E. Linkens

My latest piece on FVR, for March’s theme of ‘Redemption’


A murm’ring herd gathers, like white beans. Stoic-bright-eyed sheep

Waiting, as they do, on the skyborn shepherd’s keep.

Dirtied coats. One’s lost a leg; there’s talk it were a fight and that.

One’s shiv’ring ‘neath a tatty hat

Weary from the morrow’s walk.

Sheep on the left is blue as day, pinks as daylight slips away.

Oft dusty rose or hot like Lycra’s leather, or shades of heather.

Their friend’s all sort of shade; afterstorm has struck at birth –

See, her image curving above the earth.

Toward the back – some boy

With poor wet coat, mud and sweat full cloy. Some have wool like wires

And few, unhappy few, have none at all

Curled like spring roses in a fragile, tissue ball.

These are the unwashed herd; the pebbles on the Bride’s pearlescent crown.

The sky fades, the grass dries and the whimp’ring cries

Are hid by trumpet…

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