Lorna Lend

Between the cracks

Her self does send;

The twinkled smile

Of Lorna Lend.

Here she comes.

From he’en descends

A lilting face –

It’s Lorna Lend’s!

They know her fast.

No grin pretends

When gleeful eyes

Meet Lorna Lend’s.

She met a man,

I comprehend,

Who knew of beer,

Says Lorna Lend.

A gentle man,

A steadfast friend.

He caught the heart

Of Lorna Lend.

She knew a teaching

Girl – Godsend!

Were her sweet gifts,

Bleats Lorna Lend.

No student lacked

For mind nor mend.

Not under her!

Says Lorna Lend.

A singing chat

Did near its end.

(That death was stopped

By Lorna Lend.)

Singing? Oh!

Ne’er such a blend

Of voices heard

By Lorna Lend

Did kiss the stone

Walls at Southend’s

Cathedral. Bliss!

Cries Lorna Lend.

A tear spilt, to

Alone descend

The darling cheek

Of Lorna Lend.

My Russian beau,

My model friend

Would know this well!

Squeaks Lorna Lend.

She speaks the tongue.

I swear, no end!

It’s music! Red

Goes Lorna Lend.

Is this Polish

Wine? I tend

Such precious gifts,

Coos Lorna Lend.

A dear, kind soul

I did befriend

So quick and fast,

Says Lorna Lend.

I saw the world.

The hills and glens

Did call one name –

‘Twas Lorna Lend’s.

One soul whose time

She oft would spend

Did capture well,

Says Lorna Lend,

The natural sights

That weave and wend

About the path

Of Lorna Lend.

I have his prints!

I’d ne’er offend

To leave them by!

Laughs Lorna Lend.

What’s that you have?

You do attend

So closely –

Noticed Lorna Lend.

Unto your paper.

What’ve you penned?

A poem? Joy!

Squeals Lorna Lend.

A precious mind,

I must commend,

Does write it too,

Says Lorna Lend.

How splendid! Oh –

I do intend

To read it soon,

Smiles Lorna Lend.

I wonder, could

I so depend

Upon the voice

Of Lorna Lend

To share this work?

She would defend

My precious soul –

Would Lorna Lend?

When homeward bound

Her path attends,

I hope dear Lorna’s

List of friends

Does follow too.

Who would pretend

Such things? Oh,

Never Lorna Lend.

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