The Shape of Fear Does Lie Amidst Mine Air – Lois E. Linkins

My contribution to FVR’s ‘Fear’ writing theme.


October Fear imageThe shape of fear does lie amidst mine air,

In some cruel form true known to trick my truth.

Like a wizard moves ‘tween form and guise,

Does writhe ‘twix things that be, and things that may.

It is oft a flitt’ring kestrel o’er the trees,

Or beauty in a smile with silver hair,

A sound of heaven, wove with envied care.

It is a diamond ring on fingers else,

It is contemp’ry cheer. The lifeless face

Of churches closing doors and ripping flags

(If ‘tis not the veil, ‘tis nothing.). And next,

In the witching hour, oft an empty book

Does show itself.     

                               But darkest still does claim

Those dear full pages, ne’er to bloom with name.

Lois E. Linkens

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