the little mermaid #12

Marble David pointed. ‘Swim towards the sun.

The red coral welcomes, flowers of blue and dun.

Swim to where the sea is light – then quick dive,

To this place; ’tis peaceful, calm, alive.’

And so, the gentle Mermaid dove to swim and seek

A new existence ‘neath the fleeting lens.

The current carried, swift and strong, a wat’ry whip –

And soon the fish-girl saw the deep bright dip.

Lo, before her eyes, she saw a queer sight;

Ladies! Ladies small, ladies of great height.

There was Mary, the green girl of the States.

Noseless goddesses – Venus, Aphrodite.

The golden face of Minerva, sweet with charm.

All gathered here in refuse, ‘neath the salty balm.

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