black sky

poet in chair.jpeg

meet me on the rooftops at midnight,
when the birds snooze
and the drunks stagger down below.
walk up to the sky with me,
to the blackness
that doesn’t care
and cannot touch you.
i’ll sit and write though no words come –
when you are there.
when you sit under the clouds with me,
just blank words fall,
all of my creation lost in the world of you.
tread my troubled track
after me,
trace those tracks i’ve tripped into the ground
and know that they won’t bounce back.
wait a while –
wait on the top step,
remember that this place is my flight-path to freedom
and my getaway garden.
put your records in my head
but i won’t hear them,
i haven’t the will to bear that burden.
put your paws against my pain
but you won’t feel,
so let me write and reveal.

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