the concert

ROCK CONCERT 16" X 20" Acrylic painting by Larry Wall

the electric animal is waking.
you can hear it,
pawing the ground in excited hunger
as it makes itself known.

so too, the babble is brewing.
hours spent crafting and sewing,
drawing and painting
are now fondly stuck
to trembling breasts
and clutched in clammy palms.

its heartbeat pulses louder,
stealing the fleshy nuclei
from those who get too close.
it moulds them
with gripped claws,
then slots them back into gaping chests
to whirr back into life,
eyes bright
and hands clapping.

an army marches.
hand-made banners,
faded glowsticks,
sweat stains and streaky faces
beam in the empty streets,
flushed cheeks smarting
in the night’s chill,
the beast’s buzz shimmering
like a forcefield.
the fiercest of winters
cannot penetrate the coating of joy
that only music can paint.


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