new coat


she saved up her money,
week by week.
in dreams she gazed upon it,
felt its velvet softness
press her cheek.
she counted her coins
at bed time –
look, mummy!
all mine.

pockets heavy with greasy pennies,
oily from her excited hands,
she pointed.
that one – up there.
she’s been saving up,
says her mother.
ah, smiles the lady –
that’ll keep you warm.
nothing will get to you,
in that one!

now it hangs,
threadbare in a cold cupboard.
pockets still stuffed
with powdery tissues,
buttons and beads.

but she has grown up,
grown out of it,
and the world
got to her.

Sudden Denouement/Secret First Draft Divergent Literature Writing Contest

Sudden Denouement Collective

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective and Secret First Draft are holding a joint Writing Contest in the month of March to elicit new writers for the Collective.

Writing Prompt: March Madness

Unpublished/Original work

Each entry should be more than 50 words but less than 500

Each writer may submit 1 to 3 (maximum) pieces of writing for consideration

Submissions will be accepted: 3/1/2017 through 3/31/2017

Full prize information to be announced soon!

1st Place Winner will be granted membership in the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

2nd, 3rd and 4th Place Runners-ups will be granted membership in the Secret First Draft Collective.

Send your submissions with your name, your pen name (if applicable), the address for your blog and a short biography (1 to 3 sentences to):

The Sudden Denouement Literary Collective and its sister sites Secret First Draft and The Whisper and The Roar are forums for divergent literature that we hope…

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come to the river,
let its rhythm
rock you.
let it leak
and drown you kindly

liquid will fill its vessel;
become shallow,
become trench deep,

in the river,
gills and goggles –

glow –
that’s your hair
that floats
like plants amid the blue.

those are your toes,
your arm hair
that waves like grassy dunes
in the afternoon,
white as wax.

and deepen.
silver shimmers
scurry above –
shun them,