RamJet Poetry


She was a snakebite

all applewood smoke

and sundowns

forthright and

out of sight

it was a shakedown

and it started with a frown

I was a poor boy

all limbo shine

and coarse ground

Midnights and gasoline

all we need to motor

through the tall light

smeared dirty clean

with a hand out

shave off an inch or two

heavy hands and nicotine

just need a spark

bathing in the fountains

of another trailer park

bruising in this shitty town

she was a snakebite

She was so loud

you never registered her sound

I knew it was a shakedown

running at the setting sun

far away was destination #1

she was going to win

this fight

all dope bass drop

and daffodils

her looks would kill

on her face was

the coming night

etched into the fading light

we were all games and fun

until there was work to…

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