there’s a great fat rock inside my head


there’s a great fat rock inside my head.
and when i say fat,
i mean really bloody fat.
i need to get rid of it,
break it up somehow.
the thing is,
the only thing that’ll do it
is, something like
a great bloody pickaxe or
something like that.
that’s the only thing sharp enough.
but there’s something else.
there’s a great thick layer
of hair
and skin
and bone
and shit
all the bloody way around it.
you can’t scratch it off,
or try and peel it.
i’ve tried.
see, if i whack away
with the pickaxe,
i’ll leave a bloody great gash in my head.
it might never heal.
so you see,
i’m in a bit of a pickle.
i wonder,
does rock corrode over time?
maybe if i shake my head a lot,
some pieces might break off.
or maybe,
i could wear take up boxing,
and not wear a helmet.
or jump off a building
and land head first.
sounds bloody painful.
see, the thing is –
i know there’s something else in there.
it’s hidden,
in the rock.
way beneath the surface.
i can feel it tingle sometimes,
just a little.
it makes a nice sound,
a clear sound.
i just,
i know it’s in there,

i know it is.
i just
don’t know
to get
it out.


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