the morning breaks
today is spread before you
like fresh sheet of snow
or a pure white body
it may have warts
and scars
it will may glitter
and gumdrops
and musical numbers
there may be
candlelit corridors
and siren serenaded blackouts
some seconds will be crafted
in diamond
and others
knocked out of stone
some moments are weightless,
heavy as rocks
some will lift you
over great grey peaks
others will drop you
ten-thousand feet.
yet the brightest of mornings
and gloomiest
will always be closed
by the thickness of nightfall
and opened again
by the glowing fingers
of the sun
and your snowy canvas
will be smooth
once more


7 thoughts on “118:24

  1. I liked this but see what you mean when you commented that you felt the ending quite weak … to me it’s the use of ‘snowy canvas’ … it didn’t feel quite you? But hey near perfect still puts you way ahead of most I read!

    Liked by 1 person

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