sunshine blogger award –


i am so excited to have been nominated for this award by Sudden Denouement. i am so grateful to Jasper for putting me forward. i was welcomed so quickly into the community by him and Georgia Park – please be sure to check out the site, and all the writers who contribute.

the rules are:

  • thank whoever nominates your blog
  • indulge yourself and answer any questions you feel happy to answer.
  • nominate some other blogs
  • use these questions or make up your own to ask your nominees
  • tell your nominees that they have been nominated
  • put an award logo on display.

a few questions:

  • how did your blog come about?

i have been writing poetry for a good while now and simply wanted to put it in a place altogether. i wanted to have something which would keep me accountable.

  • what’s next for your blog?

i have no idea. i am hoping to join up with more poets and start doing some more collaborative work in the new year, but for now, i am just trying to improve me.

  • how has blogging helped you?

having an every-day project has really helped my organization and creativity. i am trying to make my work more spontaneous and more authentic to my personal reality. i have also met some brilliant people through this little blog.

my nominees are:

Just that One Girl

Aubrey’s Arch

The Printed Dress

EDC Writing







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