a hop and a skip away from here
to worlds beyond the dread and drear
of concrete streets and pavements grey
a world of predator and prey
come away, and you will see
a place of beauty heavenly
dumbfounded by a burst of bright
surrounding you with warm gold light
it floods your senses, rendering Minerva dumb
the wisest traveller has comment none
no human eye can ever forsee
the gifts in store for you and me
worthy of more than we can give
remote from earth’s combative
instincts, here dissolve to dust
your tears will dry in golden rust
swept away in holy grace
lifting up your aching face
all signs of earth will fade and die
in your home above the land and sky
where marks that placed you in the dirt
sculpted in the clay of hurt
a glory beyond all comprehension
will sweep you beyond apprehension
reaching far and reaching wide
wrath and mercy will collide
in a combustion of unfailing love
a love like no other, come down from above.


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