lover’s return

the evening drapes its velvet weight
across my restless shoulders
a dutiful friend, its breath warms my neck
yet its heaviness
dizzies me, hot flushes
lifting me away from concrete security.
sweating, in the pressure
cooking, boiling,
the bubbling pressure
of making sure everything
goes – just – right.
tonight, tonight – not just any night,
this is not a night of rehashing,
of restating, but
a night of advancement.
like a swan through a silent lake, we
must surge ahead
and leave behind those menageries
of regret.
this is redemption’s beacon,
atonement’s spotlight,
held fast and steady. tonight, all things hand
between solitude and togetherness,
between walls and fields,
diamond and wood.
a tightrope, beneath which rocks threaten
and in the distance, children play.
tonight, that cliff-top playground
beckons you, calling you –
will you hear it?
will you come back, come back to me?
will you listen to their voices, hear their call?
they are calling you, my darling,
as i have called, endlessly, for you.
so tonight, when the lights go down
and the candles flicker,
when the windows are opened
and the lily’s fragrance flutters down the drive,
will you come?
will you take steps back,
however cautious, and feel the heat
of home again?
tonight, all rests with you.
your finger lies on the trigger,
your scissors touch the rope,
your hands hold the axe.
but i have placed you there, appointed you.
darling, will you come?
on this night, will you delve within your heart
to find some ounce of grace,
some drop of mercy,
to splash in the cauldron of my memory?
tonight, as the purple descends
and the yellow, white, orange rises,
will you come?


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