club culture

the week meets its end, lectures all done.
assignments complete, now time for fun!
time to do shots, and dress to impress,
cry over outfits, then wear even less.
bop to a beat in a deafening room,
silhouettes blurring in an alcoholic doom.
stumbling home, with a box full of chips
messy and sweaty, your mood never dips.
you crawl into bed, to meet dizzy dreams,
memories of vodka and bright lazer beams.
when morning comes, the nausea sets in,
in bed all day, keeping close to the bin.
your flatmate comes knocking – ‘you up for tonight?’
your headache starting seering as they switch on the light.
you wipe off the makeup, and heave yourself up
pour out some cheap wine in a chipped dirty cup.
the cycle keeps going, for night after night –
headaches, vomit, and the end’s not in sight.
it’s endless excitement, going out on the town –
isn’t it? you think, as you chug the drink down.


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