magique – ‘baby blue’

magique is an up and coming solo act who has recently released a debut single titled ‘baby blue.’ it’s safe to say i’ve had it on repeat.

‘baby blue’ has effortless vocals, funky guitar riffs and dreamy chords, which both chills you out and makes you want to dance. reminiscent of early Foals with bon Iver-like vocals, he is definitely one to watch.

the production is really something, transporting you into a baby blue fantasy with fluffy clouds and pina coladas. or maybe a blue Hawaiian would be more fitting.

the song combines gritty electro samples with soft keyboards, swelling guitar effects and gentle vocals, to make something truly takes you back to summer. i imagine this song would be perfect by a poolside.

lyrics wise, i get the sense that he’s a little nostalgic, looking back at what was a blissful relationship now turned to shit. ‘burnt your feet on the red hot pavement’ – haven’t we all felt that? we won’t remember that pain as we look back and wish summer was here again.

for a debut, it’s impressive. an original sound, well-thought out lyrics and mesmerizing production. i know I’m looking forward to seeing what else he’s going to come out with.

listen to ‘baby blue’ now!


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