the siren

the siren waits beneath the foam,
shadows passing overhead.
the moonlight dapples through the blue
across the white skin of the dead.

her scaly frame is full and strong,
she beats the water. it subdues
below her wild and witchy had
the ocean lets her through.

the boat is poised atop the glass
a tranquil victim with an open mouth.
he snores, mindless of the breath
that sways his vessel south.

she scathes the wood with pearly claw,
knocks and taps in time.
he snoozes in his numb escape;
the siren starts to climb.

she slides her slimy fingers up
the polished curve of wood.
a flick of tail lifts her up
to a world of lesser good.

her silent creeping stirs him not
as he sits upon the wave.
the siren grabs his cold white neck –
and drags him to his ocean grave.


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