i’ve got cellulite across my thighs
stretch marks on my legs and sides
soft flesh around my arms and tum
a bit of wobble on my bum
eyebrows always out of shape;
there’s always a few leg hairs that escape
the scratch of the razor every week
i have some spots across my cheek
and chin and nose and forehead too
my nails are chipped with a little blue
left over from the time when i
had half an hour to let them dry
when i could have been laughing
but i was not.
my body is not a project or a task
to be improved so that at last
i can say ‘i’m proud of you’
flesh and blood and even a few
bones make up my daily home

who are we to have such pride
in something created heaven-side
provided so that we selfish men
can laugh and love and cry amen
can learn and weep and understand
our wealth comes not from the human hand
our bodies are not for other’s glee
or other’s disgust as the case may be
but for the glory of the one who made them
designed them, breathed new life into them
the shape and size is but design
creation perfect transcending time
and space which we as humans know
your worth is immeasurably more and so
don’t criticise those things you hate
those precious parts you poke and fixate
upon because each part is made by him
who makes no mistakes but longs to bring
you close to him forever more
you, all of you, with every ‘flaw’.


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