i felt hungry today
and angry
void of energy lack lustre
because i had not eaten
and i wanted pizza
or chips
and i could have them when i wanted
all i had to do
was find a place
that sells them.
then i ate and felt good.
the world righted itself
pizza made me better
made me whole
full up.
but what, i thought
what if all that is stripped away
what if you were in the desert
or in prison
in space
with nobody
what if you had no food
no access to food
and nothing to cure your hanger
what then will cheer you up
pep you up
give you a buzz
will you find satisfaction
in the colour of the sky
the heat of a fire
a breath of air
the touch of something soft
how then will we cure ourselves
when the provisions of the world
are taken away
and we are left
as we were made


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