for julia

hello reader
my name is jessica delamore
i would like to tell you about myself
if you would not mind
i live with two girls. they are called susan and julia
julia is my age and susan is a little older
we are room-mates.
it’s a lot of fun.
susan wakes up a little earlier than the two of us.
she has a job in a restaurant
they start cooking real early
but it doesn’t bother me or J
she’s our friend.
i like to wake up early anyway, so i don’t mind
the wake up call.
it’s also good to wake up early because the landlord
comes around and checks on us
his name is price and he is old
it’s fine though
i’m a morning person
julia isn’t.
she hit price once.
i like to help julia. i’ll get her breakfast
and we eat together.
we always sit together unless she has a bad night.
then she will eat some place else
julia and i don’t work together so
after breakfast i go to my own work
i work on a construction site
they say building is not for women but we’re
all women on my site
it’s a tough job but i like it
it keeps me busy
tara and roxy are nice too
they are my good friends at work
right now we are building a new housing block.
it’s sweaty work
crazy Bat once said she liked it when i sweat
i felt horrible.
i take an hour for my lunch.
i usually try and eat with julia but sometimes she is busy.
at other times i sit on my own
sometimes i see susan at work
she gives me a baby wink
and an extra piece of toast.
after lunch i might go shopping if i feel like it
to get essentials like toothpaste
another two hours of work after lunch
then i’m free at three
there is a daily meeting i go to
a woman’s meeting
price sometimes comes along too
but not always.
after the meeting i find julia. she is always there
but sometimes it is too busy to spot her.
we watch TV and play games.
card games
it’s pretty chill
sometimes julia does not want to play
but she likes my company.
sometimes i will read to her.
we have dinner at five o’clock
sometimes we will have other friends join us in the evening
it is nice to have other people around
for julia.
i am sure she gets sick of me
i am always relieved when susan finishes work at seven
and comes home.
julia will sleep early. usually around nine
susan and i will talk for a while
then sleep at eleven o’clock
price does not like there to be any noise after eleven
a disturbance, he call us
when we make more noise than he likes.
so then i will go to sleep and
maybe i will have a dream which is more fun than my life
because my life is not fun
my life is not free and good
i do not even think that julia likes me
susan does not like her job she only does it because she
wants to pay for stamps to send letters home
we are trapped
because of a moment we all regret
they are all different
but they have all happened
we all have them
a moment where we changed our lives
sometimes we meant it and other times it was all a mistake
but the mistake cost us everything
we are in prison
that is not a metaphor
i am a criminal
in a prison
i cannot get out


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