nearly home

ninety miles to go, you think.
ninety more miles, then you’ll be done, dusted
completed, finished, it all ends there.
ninety miles? the bar man replies.
how can a little smudge like you
make ninety miles?
you’ll collapse, wheeze
you’ll never make it.
i will, you say.
it is not too far to go.
sweetheart, he says
ninety miles? you must at least take a break.
have a rest, stay the night.
but i’m nearly back! you declare.
he calls his wife.
my dear, hear this
he laughs.
ninety miles? her laugh is like a knife.
yes, you say.
ninety miles to go. i must be
on my way.
you’ll never make it on your own,
she scorns.
i’ve made it thus far, haven’t i?
you answer back.
they pause, look around
as if a retort can be found
etched in the woodwork
or floating in the vodka.
you smile
ninety miles in a journey of one hundred
seems a lot
don’t you agree
they nod reluctantly and the pause remains
but you see,
my journey is nine-hundred miles.
i am so nearly home
the final ninety will be no worry
as i have completed the last
on my own and without help
please i will have a drink but then
i must be going
i am so nearly home


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