no need for reckoning

searching for something
unlike that which i know
to turn to
something stronger
more powerful
than those who went before
those distractions, dreams
that defer me from my destiny.
i long to transcend those
that weight on me
those that try to lift me
but never want to take all of me.
the bottle will break you
after it
and makes merry of you.
physicality is ephemeral
we cannot bring our fleshy caves
to heaven
hell is made of burnt bodies
souls who held on to something
that was
what can i do but
hope for reckoning
among the mess of ropes
that pull me from the path
laid before me.
for my tangled nest will mend
and my stained sheets will be white
when the one who wants to lower the ladder
comes again
and takes me as i am


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