12 ‘Gratefuls’ of Christmas

It’s 6:30am on the 22nd of December and I’ve woken up after about 4 hours sleep, completely wide awake. So here’s a list of things that happened in 2015 that I’m grateful about!

  1. Getting 2 nanny jobs.
  2. Earning enough money from those jobs to pay off my rent and bills from dropping out.
  3. Dropping out early enough in order to reapply and get a place at the uni I really wanted to be at.
  4. A welcoming CU and church community at uni.
  5. Friends who are proud of your achievements.
  6. Getting to interview Lucy Rose.
  7. Being brave enough to read out my own poetry for the first time.
  8. People who want to spend time with you.
  9. Late nights and lie-ins with the love of my life.
  10. Long drives listening to Don Broco.
  11. Old friends who you can always rely on.
  12. Christmas traditions that never change no matter how old you get.