A Serious Note

Christmas is coming, folks!

This week in Leicester, the Christmas lights were switched on and what a sight that was to behold. Turned up at 4:26, lights came on at 4:30, left at 4:31. It felt strange standing in the city centre in a big crowd of people and waiting for something to happen, because earlier in the week, I’d been standing in that exact same position, watching a man sitting on top of a building, threatening to jump.

Looking back at it now, I can’t even believe I stood and watched for the length of time that I did. We must have waited for about 10 minutes, and yes, we were watching because we wanted to make sure he got down safely, but at the same time, the worst could have happened. People around us were muttering ‘just jump already,’ and ‘he’s just doing it for attention,’ which really upset me. It’s come to the point when people would rather see another life lost than put the effort in to try and save it.

Some said that the man had mental health issues, others said that he was homeless and was trying to get sectioned, so that he’d have somewhere to live. It’s absolutely heartbreaking that for him, that was the only option. He had to put his own life on the line, in order to get some attention. Maybe the police saw it as a nuisance, but the police are there to help and protect us. This man needed help and protection – and if he thought that the only way someone would notice him was to sit atop a building, where no doubt onlookers would gather (hoping to see some ‘action’) then that just tells us that something is wrong with our society.

I strongly believe that there is no human life worth nothing. Our attitude to this man’s well-being can give us a reality check. There are people struggling all around us, and more often than not we don’t realise it. The only thing that we can do is be a smiling face, a warm presence in their lives, no matter who they are or what they’ve done or how they look.



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