Halloween and Stuff

So, much has happened in the last few weeks since I declared that I was going to make weekly blog posts in order to keep myself on track. One of those things is that I forgot I decided to do this. But it’s fine, because I don’t have any followers anyway. So the only person I’m really hurting is myself. As always.

I joke, I joke. Life seems pretty good as I sit at my desk in my university flat, waiting for my pizza to cook. I’ve had a great week, enjoyed a visit from my family, handed in a couple of assignments and actually made some real good friends. Halloween was eventful, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless and came out of it with a messy, tear-stained face along with new friendships and pride that I actually went out in that very short dress. I did wear tights. But that’s not so much a confidence issue as a way of covering up the fact that I hadn’t shaved my legs in a good month or so.

I have come to notice something about university friendships. Some will flourish for about a week or so, and then die soon after. Some will be gradual, a slight smile exchanged in the corridor until you meet on a night-out and become best pals. Some people will cling to you like a sloth clings to his branch; your existence may become essential for theirs. And some will require some bravery. You come across so many people at university, whether it’s in class or a society, in a club or a bar, through another friend or even at the printer in the library. What’s important is learning to embrace this, and knowing that not every person you speak to will be pleasant, or have anything in common with you. You don’t have to like everyone, but then again you don’t have to hate everyone. University forces you into uncomfortable situations every single day and it’s up to you to make the best of it.

I’ll just give you a moment while you dry your eyes.

So, nothing dreadful has happened yet. I’m not regretting too many decisions just yet. I’ll leave you with a couple of videos that I’ve been enjoying these past few weeks, and speak to you sooner than you’d probably appreciate.

Trap Queen – Josh Levi, KHS

An amazing piano cover of Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen, little too much reverb but I’m into it.

Great Are You Lord – All Sons and Daughters

I saw this band a few years ago and almost fell asleep with how boring they were. However, this song is incredibly beautiful and we’ve been singing it at CU and church recently, I LOVE IT.


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