New Blawg

Eee! A new blog! That doesn’t sound daunting in any way. I’m very excited to be re-opening this blog, which I was using for my Music Production degree as a log-book style thing. After I dropped out, I started a new personal blog on Tumblr which consists of essentially my mind at it’s most unhinged. However, I did create some posts on that blog which I’m pretty pleased with, and wanted to share them on this much more professional looking website. I am now an English student at DMU in Leicester, and I will (hopefully!) soon be writing for their online magazine, Tea Break. So, some of my posts will be up on there, others will be here. The ‘others’ will probably be ones I’m too afraid to send to the editors but still want to share (and one day look back on and see how much I’ve improved…?).

I’m hoping that I’ll have the time and energy to do some regular updates on my life and my thoughts, whether that may be on books, films, music, political events (LOL, not really) or just general life stuff. But instead of putting too much pressure on myself to create detailed reviews and beautifully written arguments, I thought I’d start by just attaching a few links to things I’m enjoying at the moment. Music, websites, whatever.

So thank you for visiting, have a lil’ look around and don’t fall down.

Tea Break Magazine

Amy Schumer’s SNL Monologue

Lost on Me – Peace


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